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The RiskLimiter Brand and Products

RiskLimiter Inspection Suite from Gleason Technology is considered to be the best all-around inspection software on the market today. The platform has evolved considerably with more businesses using it to reduce risk, and lower costs, every day.

When initially introduced, the technology was one of the first to address the need for improved slip & fall prevention in supermarkets and the food industry, largely due to the related increase in insurance premiums and workers compensation claims. Earlier iterations of the company’s successful software solutions to this problem were marketed under the names of ESP, for Electronic Slip/Fall Prevention, and CCPi, for Critical Control Point Inspections.

As the proprietary software became more advanced and the scope of the inspection capabilities grew, it was decided to reorganize and reintroduce the brand of products under the RiskLimiter name to capture the primary benefit of the software: limiting risk and lowering costs. With the wide variety of RiskLimiter products now offered, new categories of businesses can now enjoy the same benefits those in the grocery industry have been embracing for decades. In fact, RiskLimiter Inspection Suite is now considered to be the foremost platform for all things inspected. Current RiskLimiter products include Inspector, Food Safety, Sensor Monitor and Reporter. Risk Limiter Inspection Suite products are now used in more than 2,000 locations in 16 countries worldwide.

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