Food Safety App for Businesses in Rohrsburg, PA

In restaurants and other retail businesses that deal, food safety is often an important topic. Whether they’re cooking, storing, or serving food, businesses must implement strict food safety practices to protect not only their customers but themselves as well. Instead of relying on your employees and outdated practices to keep your food safe, a food safety program can help you create a uniform system and decrease the risk of foodborne illness.

Why Your Business Needs a Food Safety Program

One of the most obvious reasons why your business needs a food safety program is that it will decrease the risk of foodborne illnesses for your business. When a customer gets sick because of poor food safety practices at your business, it can impact your business’ reputation and success. A food safety program will also create a more uniform process, which will in turn improve your efficiency and reduce costs. When the time comes for your business’ health check, having an effective food safety program will give you the peace of mind that you are following the necessary food safety compliance regulations. Now that you know why your business needs a food safety program, you’re likely now wondering how to increase food safety in your restaurant or retail business. Let’s take a look. 

How to Increase Food Safety in Your Restaurant or Retail Business

If you’re looking to increase food safety for your business in Rohrsburg or the surrounding area, then RiskLimiter Food Safety is the app for you. RiskLimiter Food Safety technology helps you accurately check and record food temperatures to enhance safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Paired with the RiskLimiter app and highly durable T3™ Smart Thermometer, this technology allows you to stream extremely accurate temperature readings to the RiskLimiter mobile app in real-time. It is an ideal food quality monitoring system for logs associated with hot or cold holding temperatures as well as cooking and cooling logs.

How RiskLimiter Food Safety Works

RiskLimiter Food Safety has streamlined the process of recording temperature. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the RiskLimiter app and connect it with your T3™ Smart Thermometer via Bluetooth.
  • Select the desired inspection and follow the prompts for the first item to have its temperature measured.
  • Insert the probe or scan the infrared to read and record the temperature.
  • If the recorded temperature is within an acceptable range, the app will automatically advance to the next item. If out of range, you are prompted to choose corrective action.

Experience RiskLimiter Food Safety Today

RiskLimiter is ready to assist your business in Rohrsburg in creating a secure and effective food safety program. With the help of RiskLimiter Food Safety, the highly-rated food safety app, you can enhance safety and ensure regulatory compliance in your Rohrsburg kitchen. If you’re interested in learning more about how RiskLimiter Food Safety works, schedule a demonstration and experience the technology for yourself. If you’re ready to implement RiskLimiter Food Safety today, contact us on our website or call us at (814) 535-8287.