RiskLimiter Inspector helps you create a safer facility and provides indisputable proof that you have done so. Proven to reduce slip and fall frequency by 30% and overall cost of claims by up to 50%.

Accidents happen, but businesses must take every precaution to ensure that they don’t occur because of unsafe conditions on their premises. To avoid costly slip and fall claims, workers’ compensation claims, and liability lawsuits, it’s essential that proper safety procedures are in place and that you can provide indisputable evidence of reasonable care. RiskLimiter Inspector will help your company do just that. Using advanced technology and a mobile app to monitor and document premises conditions, our solution helps verify employee routines, ensure acceptable facility conditions and enhance your company’s safety procedures.


RiskLimiter Inspector

The workplace can be a dangerous environment for many employees. In various fields, people risk being injured because of an accident every day. As if the injury isn’t enough, businesses also have to handle the high costs that come with workplace accidents. Because of this, businesses must take every precaution possible to reduce the risk of employee injuries and avoid costly claims. To help create safer conditions in the workplace, we have created RiskLimiter Inspector, an innovative inspection app for slip and fall prevention. Let’s take a closer look at our inspection app to help you understand how it works.

Slip and Fall Prevention with RiskLimiter Inspector

RiskLimiter’s Inspector combines innovative technology and an easy-to-use mobile app to help businesses and employees monitor and record the conditions of their work environment. Not only is RiskLimiter Inspector a national facility inspection app, but it is also used worldwide in 16 countries. Businesses everywhere trust the accuracy of RiskLimiter Inspector because of its proven results. Research has shown that our facility inspection app has reduced slip and fall frequency by 30 percent and lowered the overall cost of claims by up to 50 percent. The app has successfully revolutionized the inspection process for so many businesses. Now that you know more about the RiskLimiter Inspector app, you may wonder how it works.

Try RiskLimiter Inspector For Your Business Today!

Slip and fall prevention and cost of claim reduction have never been easier thanks to RiskLimiter and our Inspection app. At RiskLimiter by Gleason Technology, we dedicate our time to revolutionizing the health and safety of many different industries. If you’re interested in improving the safety of your workplace with RiskLimiter, then contact us for more information or schedule a demonstration to see how RiskLimiter Inspector can work for you and your business.

How Does RiskLimiter Inspector Work?

Businesses and employees around the world trust RiskLimiter Inspector for its ease of use and proven accuracy. The innovative inspection app uses alert systems and fall protection devices to verify employee routines, ensure acceptable facility conditions, and improve your business’ safety procedures. When installing RiskLimiter Inspector in your workplace:

  • Location identification tags will be positioned in key areas along your inspection route.
  • Employees who are in charge of inspections will download the app on their smartphones. Then, the RiskLimiter app will double as their very own fall protection device!
  • Next, employees will go through their normal inspection process while their RiskLimiter Inspector app collects and stores important data on the cloud.
  • If and when the app identifies a hazard, employees or any designated persons will receive a notification from the app’s alert systems.
  • Corrective action will follow and as a result, slip and fall frequency and overall cost of claims are reduced. Unlike in the past, your business will now hold indisputable proof that every step possible was taken to ensure a safe work environment.