RiskLimiter Kitchen is the world’s first automated, mobile app-based cooling log software. See how it can help your business today.

Makes keeping accurate cooling logs both easy and affordable

As a fully automated cooling log, RiskLimiter Kitchen is able to provide real-time temperature reports, automatically send alerts, suggest corrective actions and store all data in the Cloud. It’s also perfect for hot and cold holding monitoring, cook temperature monitoring and time as temperature control. The automated version of RiskLimiter Kitchen can even track the cooling process when no employees are on the premises making it perfect for overnight cooling.

RiskLimiter Kitchen Pays for Itself in No Time:

  • Increases food safety
  • Decreases labor costs
  • Reduces product loss
  • Eliminates errors and cheating
  • Provides evidence of reasonable care

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What Thermometers Work with RiskLimiter Kitchen

RiskLimiter Kitchen works seamlessly with third-party thermometers. But, for the ultimate in accuracy and convenience, you should consider purchasing the highly durable T2TM Smart Thermometer that has been custom designed to work with RiskLimiter Kitchen and other RiskLimiter Inspection Suite products. It is a combination thermocouple probe and infrared recorder that streams extremely accurate temperature readings to the RiskLimiter mobile app in real time.