Risk Limiter & Envysion Integration

Risk Limiter & Envysion Integration

Integrating RiskLimiter & Envysion gives operators the ability to watch videos of completed inspections, as well as added benefits like cloud reporting & digital capture for every inspection performed.


About Envysion

Envysion’s managed video software solutions integrate recorded video with in-store data such as point-of-sale, inspection software, and alarm verification systems, to provide video and audio context alongside activity throughout the store. Operators can use the video software solution to reduce loss, mitigate risk, transform operating culture, reduce employee turnover, empower staff, and secure brand promise with actionable information to drive better management decisions. Clients looking for further insight into their operational consistency can leverage Envysion’s audit services to help find theft, fraud, and quality and compliance issues. With more than a decade of service to leading brands across QSR, convenience stores, and retail, Envysion is a premier technology partner across more than 20,000 locations worldwide.


Advantages of Choosing RiskLimiter & Envysion

  • Typical Liability Expenses
    • The implementation of improved cleanliness will help decrease the number of claims coming in, while quality of care is enhanced by our location-driven technology.
  • Food Safety & Sensor Tracking
    • Eradicating product loss is just one benefit that comes from digitizing food safety logs and having 24/7 sensor monitoring available. RiskLimiter’s behavioral-based inspection software can convert any typical paper log, while the sensors are able to recognize failed temperature-controlled units and immediately alert administration by telephone, text message, or email. Temperature controlled-logs are kept from the sensor automation for cooling, cooking and time, and are included in RiskLimiter’s Inspection Suite.
  • Reporting & Data Integration
    • Documenting and reporting consumer and employee incidents is imperative, so RiskLimiter’s Reporter tool can help you with the process. Access to a full range documenting process is also available once you                                    link your Envysion account, and includes video, inspection reports, and more.
    • Save time by transforming your POS data into business insights per location, employee, and transaction to increase monitoring and decrease risks.
    • The software gives you the ability to customize report parameters and notification settings, so you can focus on the tasks that are most important to your business. This feature can help you recognize potential unlawful activity within hours which will lead to reduced future loss.
    • Help your business stop employee theft which can have many benefits including improved employee morale, store cleanliness, and customer satisfaction.


Managed Video Solution

  • Envysion’s software delivers real-time insights into all of your locations on any device, at any time.
  • Locating valuable footage is simple with features such as motion search or receipt lookup by name, time, or location.
  • Views are customizable and access is permission-driven based on your specific needs.
  • Cloud storage helps protect your business in the event of potential future litigation.


Audit Services

  • Developed by professionals with over 150 years in the audit and loss prevention industry, Envysion efficiently monitors areas such as;
    • Health & Hygiene
    • Loss Prevention
    • Operations
  • With eyes in the sky, be assured your business follows all federal regulations and guidelines including metrics such as cleanliness, hair & glove compliance, employee misconduct, and back door safety.
  • Auditors send suspicious activity straight to your inbox with links to all the information you need to take action.
  • Operational audits do not require pos data integration.


Incident Management

  • Envysion’s intuitive resolution workflow makes it easy to quickly review the status of verified incidents and monitor trends by location and employee.
  • Arrive at firm conclusions and take decisive action with irrefutable video evidence.
  • Communication in a closed-loop case management system you can share to external sources or save for future needs.