4 Benefits of Using Food Safety Phone Apps

food safety apps

Most stores and restaurants have long relied on archaic processes and checklists to oversee food safety. But as the world changes, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many food safety practices must be updated to keep staff and guests safe and healthy. Fortunately, there is an answer to making your food safety culture a top priority; implementing a food safety app. Below we highlight how RiskLimiter’s Food Safety Technology can boost quality assurance and benefit your store or restaurant.   

Investing in Food Safety Technology

Business owners and managers in the food and restaurant industry understand the importance of food safety compliance. So many elements must be tracked, monitored, managed, and handled to ensure all food items are safe for consumption. Traditionally, food business owners and managers would use manual processes like an Excel sheet to track data in an outdated computer system. Not only are these practices unreliable, but they’re also time-consuming. The experts at RiskLimiter share four benefits of implementing a food safety app at your food store or restaurant. 

More Consistency

In the wake of COVID, safety standards and regulations are constantly changing. As these guidelines evolve, we have to continually learn new best practices for food safety. With the food safety app from RiskLimiter, you can quickly and seamlessly keep track of food temperatures and ensure safety in your kitchen. Simply connect your Bluetooth thermometer to the app and enjoy seamless compatibility and consistent information across your restaurant. If something changes, you will receive an immediate alert of the condition so you can quickly choose corrective action.  

Easier Tracking and Reporting

Even if employees aren’t on the premises, RiskLimiter’s Inspection Suite products can easily track and record fluctuations or changes within your food operation, making it the perfect solution for quality assurance. After the inspection is completed, the data is automatically transferred to the secure RiskLimiter cloud database. Out-of-compliance notifications are immediately sent to the appropriate personnel so your team can quickly take charge of the incident in real-time to ensure vigorous food quality and safety. When you partner with RiskLimiter and our top-rated food safety technology, enjoy easy-to-read reports and capture food quality incidents fast to recoup costly damages. 

Faster Corrective Action

If a fridge or freezer goes down in the middle of the night, you could face thousands of dollars of damage at your restaurant or food business. With a food safety app, keep track of the cooling process even when no one’s around, and if something goes wrong, receive immediate alerts so you can take corrective action and reduce product loss. 

Prevents Fabricated Data

If you rely on outdated processes for your food safety management, you’re at a massive risk of fabricated data. Staff members can falsify logs or accidentally record inaccurate data, which could be catastrophic for your business. With a food safety app, eliminate errors and cheating within your food operation to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Top Rated Food Safety Technology With RiskLimiter

Being able to trace food is the foundation of a successful operation. Our food safety technology helps you run your business as safely and smoothly as possible. RiskLimiter is such an effective food quality monitoring system that it will pay for itself in no time. Ensure proper food safety with RiskLimiter. If you’d like to learn more about our products, contact us at 814.535.8287.