How to Decrease the Risk of Grease Build-Up in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Grease traps are an essential part of any commercial kitchen. They help prevent fats, oils, and grease from traveling into your plumbing system, support your business in being environmentally friendly, and help you avoid business closures due to a fire or plumbing emergency. Being able to control grease production takes proper planning. Learn how to decrease the risk of grease buildup in your commercial kitchen and improve safety in the workplace by following these tips. 

Clean Grease Traps Regularly

Your grease trap prevents unwanted oils and fats from going down the drain and seeping into the local sewers. Once the trap is full, it won’t function efficiently and will lose the ability to filter grease properly. Cleaning your kitchen’s grease traps can be a daunting and messy task, so it’s best to hire a professional grease trap cleaning company to keep your facility clean and running smoothly. 

Utilize RiskLimiter Inspection Suite

Risk is unavoidable whenever food is served to the public. Controlling the level of risk and reducing the overall costs associated with it can make a tremendous financial impact and lead to fewer problems in your kitchen. When you utilize RiskLimiter Inspection Suite, your facility can effectively anticipate, prevent, and affordably resolve accidents, incidents, and liability claims that occur in a commercial kitchen setting. 

Avoid Putting Grease Down the Drains

You should never pour grease down the drains. Once the grease is left out, it solidifies. If it’s in your pipes, it can cause severe clogs and blockages. Over time, the clogs can become so extreme that no other liquids can pass through, resulting in back-ups and extensive repairs. Avoid this costly repair with proper kitchen grease control. 

Regularly Clean Exhaust Filters

Not only can grease cause significant damage to your drains and plumbing system, but if it accumulates on your exhaust filters, you’ll also have a severe fire hazard in your commercial kitchen. Clean your kitchen exhaust filters regularly to avoid a fire and keep everyone safe.  

Clean Kitchen Floors

If grease builds up on your floors, your employees could slip and fall. Prevent accidents and excess grease going down the kitchen floor drains by ensuring the floors are cleaned daily. 

Reuse Fryer Oil

There are several used cooking oil waste companies that will pay for your used cooking oil. Turn your used oil into revenue and schedule a service to turn your used fryer oil into biodiesel fuel. 

Train Your Employees

To effectively reduce the risk of grease buildup in your commercial kitchen, you must train your staff in proper kitchen grease control techniques. Employees who are trained properly can minimize problems in your kitchen. 

Improving Safety in the Workplace with RiskLimiter

At RiskLimiter, we are committed to helping you manage liability exposure and food safety compliance with our products. Through applications like Inspector, Food Safety, and Reporter, you can increase kitchen safety, decrease labor costs, reduce product loss, eliminate errors and cheating, and provide evidence of reasonable care. Contact us at 814-535-8287 to schedule a demo and learn more about our products.