The Most Common Risks in the Hotel Industry

common risks in hotel industry

There are safety hazards in every workplace. But the hotel industry comes with its own set of unique complications. From rigorous food safety compliance regulations to dealing with staff and guest behaviors, there is an abundance of difficulties you can face as a hotel or property owner. While eliminating every hazard is nearly impossible, you can reduce the risk if you know what to look for. The experts at RiskLimiter share a comprehensive hotel risk management checklist to ensure you manage liability exposure and maintain compliance to reduce overall costs and make your business more profitable.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Whether it’s a customer or employee, slips, trips, and falls happen often in the hotel industry. Some of the most common reasons for the risk of a fall include poor housekeeping, kitchen spills, and rain, snow, or ice tracked inside. While all employees are covered by workers’ compensation policies, hotel owners are required to keep guests safe by ensuring walkways are free of obstacles, dangerous locations are marked, and spills are cleaned up right away. The best way to reduce the risk of liability and claims is by anticipating and preventing accidents before they happen. Fortunately, RiskLimiter has an Inspection Suite of risk management tools for the hospitality industry to help you control the level of risk and reduce overall costs when an accident does happen. 

Property Risk

The most apparent and common risk in the hotel industry is fire loss. From grease buildup in the kitchen to electrical hazards throughout the business, a hospitality venue is full of property risks. Many hotels enforce strict guidelines for building and health code regulations. The best way to reduce the risk of a fire is by utilizing fire suppression systems, hard-wired smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers. Exit signs and evacuation plans should be properly displayed to assist guests and reduce the risk. 


Risk is likely whenever food is served to the public. From proper storage and handling to rigorous safety compliance regulations, risk exposure is present every moment of the day. At RiskLimiter, we make hazard management easy with our Inspection Suite of products. Our highly durable T3™ Smart Thermometer helps you accurately check and record food temperatures to prevent spoilage, RiskLimiter Sensor Monitor can detect when your cold storage equipment malfunctions and RiskLimiter Kitchen makes keeping accurate cooling logs easy and affordable. When you utilize our Inspection Suite at your hotel venue, you can enjoy:

  • Increased food safety
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Reduced product loss
  • Fewer errors and cheating
  • Evidence of reasonable care

Hotel Risk Management with RiskLimiter Inspection Suite

At RiskLimiter, we recognize risk is inherent in the hospitality industry. With our Inspection Suite of products, we aim to help you control that level of risk to anticipate, prevent, and affordably resolve any accidents, incidents, or liability claims that may arise. Whether it’s managing liability exposure due to a high volume of customer traffic or managing food safety compliance in the kitchen, know our team is here for you. If you’d like to learn more about our products, we invite you to schedule a demo with us today!